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Russell Ethanol & Gluten Plants
Located in America's heartland, the Kansas facilities are an integrated complex designed to take advantage of synergies between the gluten and ethanol plants. The ethanol plant produces ethanol, distiller's wet and dry grain while the gluten plant produces wheat gluten, wheat starch, and middlings. The Russell Plant is capable of storing up to 1.68 million bushels of grain, 1 million gallons of ethanol, 960 tons of DDGS, 1,000 tons of WDGS, and 2 million pounds of VWG.

In keeping with White Energy's environmentally friendly approach to production, the facility utilizes state of the art technology to reduce water consumption. In 2008, the facility was awarded General Electric's Ecomagination Award for its efforts in water conversation.

    Plant History
  • Gluten Plant construction completed in mid-1990s by Farmland Industries
  • Ethanol Plant construction completed in October 2001
  • U.S. Energy Partners, LLC acquired the Gluten Plant in 2002
  • White Energy acquired U.S. Energy Partners, LLC in May 2006
    Production Capacities
  • 40 million gallons per year (MGPY) nameplate capacity
  • 51 MGPY current operating production
  • 55 MGPY permitted capacity
  • 45 million pounds per year of vital wheat gluten
    Operating Information
  • Grain inputs: Milo (ethanol), Wheat (gluten)
  • Production process: Dry grind milling
  • Co-products and by-products:
    • Distiller's wet grain (DWG)
    • Distiller's dry grain (DDG)
    • Wheat Starch (a gluten by-product)
    • Middlings (Midds, a gluten by-product)
    Local Economic Impact
  • The facilities employ approximately 70 full-time employees
  • Provider of feed to local cattle market

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