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About Us


White Energy is a leader in the ethanol industry
Established in 2006, White Energy, Inc. was founded to build and acquire ethanol production projects. Today, White Energy is the dominant producer of ethanol in the State of Texas and is positioned among the top ethanol producers in the United States in terms of permitted capacity. White Energy is the largest ethanol producer that has optimized the three major economic factors: proximity to ethanol demand & markets, efficiency of grain origination points, and proximity to large cattle population.

Fueling the future
The need for alternative energy has never been stronger. We believe a cleaner, more self-reliant future for America can be found in renewable energy sources. Amidst rising oil prices, unrest in the Middle East, American dependence on foreign oil resources, environmental air pollution, and other important socio-economic factors, we are convinced that renewable energy is critical to the future of America.   Our commitment to the renewable energy sector has been strengthened by market conditions that include increasing oil prices, amplified energy market volatility, and favorable energy legislation. The Company’s ethanol is utilized in a multitude of capacities, including: (i) an octane enhancer in fuel; (ii) an oxygenated fuel additive for the purpose of reducing ozone and carbon monoxide vehicle emissions; and (iii) a non-petroleum-based gasoline substitute, sometimes classified as a “fuel-extender.”

Our operating platform
White Energy’s three state-of-the-art ethanol facilities include two production plants in the Texas panhandle, as well as a plant in Russell, Kansas. The Texas plants are situated in an agricultural market that feeds approximately 3.2 – 3.5 million head of cattle annually, providing a natural end market for distiller’s grains. Distiller’s grains are a valuable co-product with concentrated levels of protein, fat, and fiber that serves as a nutritious supplement ingredient for livestock feed.

In Russell, Kansas, White Energy also owns and operates a gluten production facility that manufactures 45 million pounds of vital wheat gluten annually, as well as wheat starch as a by-product. White Energy is currently the largest gluten manufacturer in the United States. With the gluten facility, White Energy diversifies its revenue stream through exposure to a separate industry, the food processing industry. This diversification of revenue streams permits White Energy to mitigate adverse macro-driven events by deriving a portion of its revenue from an industry that operates independently of the ethanol sector.